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North America Engravings, Ltd. was established engraving facility in Brockville, Ontario Canada in 2009. North America Engravings, Ltd. engraves printing cylinders by using the most modern laser technology.

Gord Alkerton

With almost 30 years in the industry, Gordon Co-founded North America Engravings so that he could continue serving clients who care about printing and can benefit from his expertise. In 1988, Gordon began working at an engraving company in Brockville Ont. After a few short years he worked his way up to Plant Manager of that facility. He remained in that position for 10 years before purchasing the engraving operation.

During this time he developed a simple philosophy:

  • Customers always come first.
  • Printing is still a craft and needs to be treated as such. The more detailed the better.
  • Customers should not worry about the prepress tools when they enter your facility.

Gordon reviews every project to ensure that your jobs will look great and be as efficient as possible on your press. He knows everything about the prepress area and adjusts accordingly to the customer’s needs. Gordon is a great resource for ideas about special print processes and has been involved in R&D for the Gravure industry.

Gordon has a reputation for being particular. He crosses every T and dots every “i” so clients don’t have to worry about the details. He is responsive and involved, and he has respect in the printing industry.

Gordon resides in Brockville, Ont. with his wife and 2 teenage daughters.

To reach Gordon, please call 613-342-6944 or email

over 30+ years experience

21 years in the gravure industry
2o+ years working with flexo plates
2 day turn around on cylinders