November 5, 2015 justin

HD Flexo:

a new standard for flexographic printing plates

HD Flexo is a new process for making digital flexographic (flexo) plates. The improved plates are higher quality and print more consistently than standard digital flexo plates. HD Flexo may be implemented without scrapping existing equipment and working methods.

an alternative for gravure and offset

With HD Flexo, the gap between flexo and gravure and offset is closed. Bringing consistency, vibrant colors and increased print quality, HD Flexo raises the hd-flexo-gravure-alternativeindustry standard in flexo printing. Flexo printing can now compete with offset for quality labels and with gravure printing for flexible packaging. And Full HD Flexo goes even further in the quality improvements.

Exceptional flexo printing plates

Exceptional flexo results start with exceptional flexo printing plates. With Esko’s HD Flexo, not only are you able to deliver a new level of flexo quality. You can also reduce the makeready time on the press. and what’s more, HD Flexo printing plates deliver greater run lengths. And because they need fewer washing cycles, the press is optimally used.
There is a sustainable benefit as well. Printing flexible packaging on a flexo press instead of gravure reduces energy use and CO2 emissions by as much as 50%. Converters and brand owners can improve sustainability by taking advantage of the higher quality offered by HD Flexo.